John B. Lowe is  also available to schedule PRIVATE ONLINE  COACHING SESSIONS for any upcoming auditions.  If you have a scene partner you like to work with, we can schedule semi-private ONLINE SCENE CLASSES These will be billed at my reduced hourly rate.

email: to book a session.



Coaching actors in a private one-on-one sessions, particularly for audition preparation, can be very constructive. However, acting is not a solo activity.  The actions of each character effect other characters in the scene, and each actor’s performance.  Training with a scene partner is always more effective than acting alone.  PARTNER COACHING is the ideal solution. It’s an extended, semi-private, coaching session booked in collaboration with another actor so you can work as scene partners to support each other’s training.

A PARTNER COACHING session is simply two back-to-back one hour coaching sessions shared by two actors. Not only will you benefit from having a focused, committed scene partner, you will also get a longer acting workout for the same price as a private session.

HOW IT WORKS:   We will schedule a two hour session with you and a colleague. You will work as scene partners during each other’s session.  We can focus on different scenes during each hour or you can both work on the same scene. Either way, it’s double the value

For more information or to book a session email: