SoLowe Shorts

SoLowe Shorts are whimsical short films created as SOLO projects by filmmaker and actor, John B. Lowe    (SEE ALSO  Broccolo Creative Shorts)

Waking Godot
A SoLowe Short 2020
Video 02:00 min.

Waking Godot

An existential denouemont. 
An answer to a frequently asked theatre question

Principal Credits:  created by John B. Lowe

Just One (in postproduction)
A SoLowe Short 2016
Video 05:00 min.

Just One Poster Wall

Just one in this show. Performing solo.
Creative? Artistic? Or vanity?
Or just narcissistic insanity?

Principal Credits:  created by John B. Lowe

A Fly Flew Over
A SoLowe Short 2015
Video 04:20 min.

A Fly Flew Over 1

Inspiration can come from the smallest thing.  A Fly Flew Over is a whimsical short film. A chance encounter between a lonely vagabond poet and a fly who becomes his muse and his audience. 

Principal Credits:
Writer/Director John B. Lowe
Cinematography John B. Lowe & Miranda Lowe

Manitoba Moment
A SoLowe Short 2014
Video 01:20 min.

MM- Screen Shot

A seasonal moment and an honest reaction on a road in Manitoba.

Principal Credits:  created by John B. Lowe