Short Films

Broccolo Creative produces SHORT FILMS & SOLOWE SHORTS. under the direction of actor, filmmaker and teacher, John B. Lowe. (SEE ALSO SoLowe Shorts)  

Short Film Reel:

Video 9:00 min

Produced with RESTLESS FILMS, (John B. Lowe & Claude Savard). In this stylized, short western, a weary, ailing Lawman, alone in a cabin, prepares to meet his Outlaw nemesis. The wary Outlaw arrives and they reunite for a brief, reluctant truce. The Lawman offers the Outlaw a chance to end his lifetime of duplicity, but the price of the Outlaw’s redemption is high.

Principal Credits:
Producers John B. Lowe & Claude Savard
Writer/Director John B. Lowe
Cinematographer Claude Savard
Design Bruce A. Cook
Starring Stephen Eric McIntyre

Video 9:00 min

An overworked man is isolated from reality in a locked office which becomes a surreal world. He escapes into alternate realities from unfulfilled dreams which turn into nightmares and he struggles to return to his family and the real world.

Principal Credits:
Producers John B. Lowe & Randy Apostle
Writer/Director John B. Lowe
Design Brenda McLean
Cinematographer Andrew Forbes
Editor Laurence Véron
1st AD & Postproduction Daniel Lavoie

Awards and Nominations:
W(or)K was nominated for prizes at The Assurdo Film Festival in Milan, where it won for the Best Absurd Film in 2021. It received honourable mention at Prague International Indie Film Festival and the One-Reel film festival and an award of commendation from Canada Shorts in 2020

Windows of White
Film 10:36 min.
Windows Of White Screen Shot

Windows of White is a moving, dream-like film that explores the relationship between a woman’s memory and her imagination. A young girl pursues a character that disappears from a painting on her bedroom wall. She enters a world where memory blends with imagination and she discovers that the present is only her past remembered.

Principal Credits:
Producers John B. Lowe & Eva Colmers
Writer/Director John B. Lowe
Cinematographer William E. Hornecker
Editor Scott Parker
Scenic Artist Angie Rees
Composer Paul Morgan Donald

Awards and Nominations:

Windows of White was nominated in 6 categories of the 2000 AMPIA Awards
nominations for: Director, Art Direction, and Composer.

Windows of White won three 2000 AMPIA awards (“Rosies”) for:
Best Short or Vignette John B. Lowe/ Eva Colmers, producers
Scriptwriter – Shorts Film John B. Lowe
Cinematographer – Short Film William E. Hornecker

Windows of White was screened at the following FILM FESTIVALS:
Odense Film Festival (Denmark) (2000)
Toronto World Wide Short Film Festival (2000)
Dawson City Film Festival (2000)
Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival(2000)
The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (2001)

Art Ephemeral
Video 10:00 min

JB LOWE Art Ephemeral - crew stalking artist

Produced with OSIF (Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers). Art Ephemeral is a mock documentary about a pompous art historian who pursues an eccentric temperamental artist, creating a conflict of Canadian Cultural proportions.

Principal Credits:
Producer/Writer John B. Lowe
Line Producer David Woodford
Director William E. Hornecker
Starring Shaun Johnston
Editor Denny Lajeunesse

Awards & Nominations:
Okanagan Film Festival 2006
3 Awards for Creative, Technical & Overall

With A B
Video 6:26 min.
WIth a B - Lobo & Lenne
What does the ‘B’ stand for? Asked and answered. Again and Again. A goofy old skool improvised video comedy.  

Principal Credits:
Writer/Director John B. Lowe
Cinematographer Derek “Buzz” Sharplin
Music by Dave Clarke
Editor Wes Miron

Ian Ferguson
John B. Lowe
Ron Pederson
Tom Edwards
Paul Morgan Donald
Stephanie Wolfe
Mark Meer
Lenne Greenwood
Dave Clarke
John Hudson
Eva Lowe
Madeline Lowe
Miranda Lowe
Janet Powers
and the friendly postman