W(or)K  (in postproduction)

Short Film 09:30 min.


W(or)K is a whimsical psychological thriller about an overworked man trapped in his home-office and isolated from his family. To cope with his overwhelming anxiety he transports himself into the alternate realities of his youthful dreams and desires. His fantasies evolve into nightmares and he struggles to return home to his family.

Principal Credits:
Producers – John B. Lowe & Randy Apostle
Writer/Director – John B. Lowe
Production Design – Brenda McLean
Cinematographer – Andrew Forbes
Editor – Laurence Véron
Postproduction & Visual Effects – Daniel Lavoie
Cast – Randy Apostle, Deb Patterson, Heather Russell

The Cast and Crew of W(or)K at work.
The Cast and Crew of W(or)K at work.