2nd HOLIDAY Cabaret 2014

Common Sense Simple SIgn

Entertainment for Entertainment’s sake.
The jokes will be funny & the music will be good.

The Common Sense Cabarets are a series of live variety shows at Winnipeg’s Park Theatre.  Each Common Sense Cabaret is an entertaining mix of comedy and music with some improv and many guests  from the Winnipeg performing arts community.

The Common Sense Cabarets are inspired by popular TV Variety shows of the 60s and 70s. Our host is the has-been, (never-was?) local celebrity, Joseph Common, reluctantly supported by his talented family of musical  comedy entertainers.  

Featuring  The Talentless Lumps, The Macho Poo-Poo Choir,  Pepparkakor and The Stephen McIntyre Experience  with Jelly B &The Kmart Shoppers

Show is at 8:00pm Doors open at 7:30
because comedy is funnier after a beer or two

Tickets are $15.00 and available at 
Music Director  Süss            Stage Manager  Michelle Lagasse
Guests include: John B. Lowe, Cory Wojcik, Toby Hughes, Tricia Cooper,  Matt Falk,  Aileen Audette , Daina Leitold, Brenda McLean, Spenser Payne, Heather Russell, 
Alissa Watson, Scott Cranwill, Yanin Cranwill,
Megan McArton, Melanie Whyte, Cara Lytwyn,
Peter Nadolny-Moon, Ray Strachan, Jeff Strome,
Wendy Burdon, Brad Friesen, Glen Hagen, Rick Skene, Violent Screech, Domo Lemoine, Katie Murphy,
Stephen McIntyre, Heather Witherden, 
The Ken & Tim Channel and many more…



All photos by Leif Norman:


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