Beyond The Basics


Understanding the actor’s process 

This class is designed for both NEW & EXPERIENCED professional Film & TV actors with some on-camera experience who want to improve their understanding of the actor’s process.

This fast-paced, practical class will provide actors with a solid understanding of the technical requirements and creative demands of the professional film acting.

It’s a great course for actors who want to move beyond minor roles and background work and further develop their skills as a professional actor.

BCStudio 3

Beyond The Basics – BTB-S1
8 Tuesday evenings 6:30 – 9:30 (3 hours/class)
Class Fees $380.00 + $19.00 GST = $399.00

Instructor – John B. Lowe (and guests)


The Actor’s Process – You’ll review the basic principals of acting and gain a clear understanding of the concepts, methods and vocabulary of the actor’s process.

Preparing the Scene – You’ll explore a variety of techniques to prepare for a scene; using tools, techniques and exercises to create an Active, Connected, Truthful performance.

Filmmaking for Actors  – A condensed overview of filmmaking will provide you with a basic understanding of the technical demands of filmmaking and how they impact the actor’s job.

Acting On Camera – You’ll prepare, rehearse and perform scene work on-camera in a simulated film environment, so you can feel comfortable and confident working on set.

Auditioning – You’ll learn how to effectively apply your newly enhanced skills in the audition room to help you book your next acting job.

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