PTE School’s Bridge to your acting career

PERFORMANCE  PTE @ PTE is a PERFORMANCE based actor training program structured around rehearsals and PERFORMANCE of a professionally directed play which will be presented on the MAINSTAGE of Prairie Theatre Exchange at the end of the program.
TRAINING PTE @ PTE is an advanced TRAINING program designed for serious emerging actors who have had some training and have made a serious commitment to a career as an actor. You will study and work with some of Winnipeg’s finest theatre professionals to develop your skills, enhance prior training and gain realistic knowledge and practical tools you will need to purse a career as a professional actor.
ENSEMBLE  As part of the ENSEMBLE, you will work collaboratively with other serious and talented actors under the guidance of professional theatre artists to explore your craft and create excellent theatre. Training, rehearsing and performing as an ensemble enables the entire group to challenge and learn from one another, which greatly enhances your training experience as your explore your talents and expand your skills.
PTE @ PTE is an advanced TRAINING program for SERIOUS EMERGING ADULT ACTORS who have some experience and training and have made a commitment to develop their talent and performance skills to the highest level in preparation for a professional acting career.
PTE is one of Winnipeg’s oldest and finest professional theatre companies with an excellent national reputation for producing quality professional theatre. PTE School has been training actors since 1972.
PTE @ PTE is the most advanced program offered at PTE School.
PTE @ PTE enhances prior training and experience with the realistic knowledge and practical skills need to make the transition to becoming a professional actor.
PTE @ PTE is a practical opportunity for trained and experienced, emerging actors to develop their skills and talents as part of a performance ensemble with the guidance, instruction and support of Winnipeg’s finest theatre professionals.
PTE @ PTE is an opportunity for emerging actors to be directed by a professional director and showcase their talents in a public performance on PTE’s main stage.
PTE @ PTE is a training program structured around rehearsals and PERFORMANCE of a play. ENSEMBLE members will attend classes and rehearsals for three evenings per week to receive intensive training in acting, improvisation, movement, voice and speech production, acting for camera along with private coaching as they prepare for a public performance of a full length play. The program will culminate in a public performance presented over two weekends on the MAINSTAGE at PRAIRIE THEATRE EXCHANGE.
All PTE@PTE classes will be taught by many of the highest calibre of working, professional theatre & film artists including, Sharon Bajer, Brenda McLean, Debbie Patterson, Miriam Smith and John B. Lowe.  PTE’s Artistic Director, Robert Metcalfe will act as Artistic Consultant.  The PTE@PTE Main stage production will be directed by one of Winnipeg’s leading directors.
Rehearsals / Performance – PTE@PTE is practical, performance based training – classes will be scheduled around the rehearsals for a production on the PTE Main Stage.
Acting  – way beyond the basics – take your understanding of the actor’s craft to a new level with useful, practical techniques that will demystify the process and help you discover ways to create interesting, authentic characters in active, connected and truthful performances.
Voice and Speech – Voice and speech are fundamental tools for an actor and this class will help you develop and integrate the mechanics of voice production and speech to effectively enhance your performance. Some singing may also be included
Body and Movement – The language of acting includes more than just words. An actor communicates through body language and physical expression. This class will provide essential tools to enhance the physical aspects of an effective and dynamic performance.
Improvisation – (more than games) Improvisational exercises are not just tools for creating comedy they also develop actor’s flexibility, spontaneity, and creativity. Learn to use improvisation as a tool to discover the truth of a scene within and beyond the text.
Film and TV Acting – An acting career includes work in film and television as well as theatre.  Theatre and Film provide very different technical challenges. Acting on a film set and in front of a camera requires specific knowledge and a different set of technical skills. This class will help you understand and develop the skills needed to work on a real professional film set.
Coaching and Scene Study – PTE@PTE will also provide one-on-one coaching for character development and text work.  Coaching sessions will be tailored to the production rehearsal schedule and designed for your specific training needs.
PTE @ PTE Alumni: Heather Russell, Kevin Anderson, Rachelle Fordyce, Karl Thordarson, Erin Essery, Theresa Thomson, Toni Reimer, Jill Guingcangco, Kim Zeglinski, Daryl Dorge, Murray Farnell, Arthur McKinnon, Duncan McGregor, Andraea Sartison, Cindy-Marie Small, Stephanie Sousa, Kalysha Watson-Towle, Jessy Ardern, Dan Augusta, Joshua Banman, Lisa-Marie Carlson, Colin Connor, Adam    Jennings, Loc Lu, Gislina Patterson, Christine Reinfort, Samara Von Rad and Alissa Watson
Schedule: 3 nights / week -Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
                 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm  + extra rehearsals as needed
Classes and rehearsals    February 04 to March 27, 2014
Spring Break                     March 28 to April 07, 2014
Classes and rehearsals    April 08 to May 222014
Production week               May 25 to May 31, 2014
Performances                   May 29, 30, 31, 2014